Residential and Nursing Homes

Our flexible staffing service is designed for those organisations that require temporary nursing and care staff to cover planned or unplanned staff absences. POC can help with staffing shortfalls in busy periods, with long-term sick or maternity leave and help free up existing staff when opening new wards or units.

Our flexible staffing service is based on the central objective of providing appropriately trained workers in a timely and cost effective manner, and of a quality consistent with a client’s own staff. It is based on the three principles of quality, service and value.

Temporary Staff

You need temporary staff, but you certainly don’t need all the hassle that goes with organising them. Purchasing can sometimes be ad hoc, suppliers do not all work to the same standards and management information is sporadic and irrelevant. Promises of Care + Care Managed Services takes away the day-to-day administration, increases efficiency, lets you concentrate on more pertinent management issues and crucially saves money – up to 15% on your current agency spend.

Through our agreement with your company, we take on the responsibility for co-ordinating and delivering your temporary staff requirements. We then deal directly with all suppliers on your behalf, which will include placing requests for staff, monitoring quality, reviewing supplier performance as well as handling all supplier invoices for the organisation. 

The benefits:

  • Immediate savings on use of temporary staff
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Greater control in terms of authorisation and expenditure
  • Improved service level agreements and performance indicators with suppliers
  • Savings in management time and resources
  • Provision of consolidated management information

Standard adherence to legislative requirements