About Us

Our Purpose

We recognise that among the elderly people with disabilities there is a growing desire and increasing need to receive dignified care at home or whenever home.

Our Vision

We envision a home care revolution, where Promises of Care will lead the provision of quality service in-home care with personalising care tailored for each service user.

Our Values


We will conduct our services in a consistent and professional manner in keeping with the contracts we have entered, honoring the promises we have made and delivered above what is expected with real love and care.


We ensure all stakeholders are given the means to have their voice heard and valued during when decision-making process. We will listen to each other effectively


We will get involved in our communities Integrity. We will get in an ethical, moral, and responsible manner in all our business transactions.


The safety of our service users and carers is of paramount concern; we will ensure a safe working environment.