Our Services

Domiciliary Care

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs in the comfort your own home. We promise to provide every service with a smile and to your highest level of satisfaction. Encouraging and supporting hobbies and interests at home or in the local community, encouraging exercise such as walking or a dance class, arranging and accompanying people on social occasions or prayer meetings, accompanying people on visits to special places and local attractions, accompanying to day centres or other community day activities, accompanying people on doctors appointments, and keeping and managing a diary

Support around the home

Dusting and vacuuming; cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, changing bed linen and towels, laundry and ironing, shopping for weekly groceries, help with meal preparation and assistance managing bill payments

Personal care

Dressing and undressing, washing and bathing, shaving, assistance with hair and makeup,  contenance care and support with prescribed medication


Conversation, encouraging contact with family and friends, help with reading and keeping up correspondence, accompanying on holidays, day trips or short breaks

Live-In Care

Our Live-In Care division offers bespoke individual support packages to young people aged 16-23 years old and our service aims to provide a positive experience for young people as they grow and develop into young adults. Our ultimate aim for our Leaving Care Young People is to enable them to live totally independent and to sustain their own tenancy and be a responsible member of the community, alongside realizing their personal dreams and ambitions.

Live-in carer

You can have live-in home care for as long as you like: two weeks, a month, every now and again to cover while a family carer has a break, or forever. Each package is arranged to suit each individual client.

Live-in care cost

It depends on your wants and needs,as well as the care package which will be put together once we have done our assessment.

Our staff

With live-in care, you have a trained carer who lives with you; who is there for you 24 hours a day; who is there to help you to live life as you choose, in your own home.


Our flexible staffing service is designed for those organisations that require temporary nursing and care staff to cover planned or unplanned staff absences. POC can help with staffing shortfalls in busy periods, with long-term sick or maternity leave and help free up existing staff when opening new wards or units. Our flexible staffing service is based on the central objective of providing appropriately trained workers in a timely and cost effective manner, and of a quality consistent with a client’s own staff. It is based on the three principles of quality, service and value.

Short Notice, Ad Hoc Bookings

Healthcare is vital round the clock and often can’t be planned for. We equip ourselves for your emergency by having a flexible database ready at a moment’s notice. Combining adaptability and experience, we make it our business to know the environments you operate in and prepare accordingly. This is why we run a 24/7 service, with a qualified Consultant ready to help.

Short, Medium, Longer-Term Contracts

Different ways of working suit different settings and different workers. Fitting one to the other requires discernment, wisdom, and experience. That’s where Promises of Care excels. We work with all types of vacancies to cater to clients and staff needs. This could be to cover short or long-term illness, Maternity leave, or just the odd shift here and there.

Temporary to Permanent

Promises of Care recognises that every working environment is unique. Sometimes it’s best to try different team combinations and ways of working. Our temp-to-perm option allows you to find the best fit before it’s set in stone.

Training and Compliance

Promises of Care takes accountability very seriously and believes in encouraging people to fulfill their potential. Our comprehensive training and development program complements our rigorous Compliance Safeguarding System to ensure our teams are always safe, prepared, and motivated.

Respite & Leaving Care

Promises of Care 16+ Young People Leaving Care are committed to assisting and supporting young people who are making the transition into independent living and using the our independent training programme, young people can learn the necessary life skills to achieve positive outcomes and aid them in the journey into adulthood. We offer a combination of packages, including, accommodation, individually tailored support hours, mentoring, advocacy and guidance for education, training, development and housing applications.
Placement proposals are implemented based on detailed planning and multi-agency working with all professional’s involved and allows for a smooth transition for all young people. We have a range of support level options and these are designed to be on a phased reduction plan, this provides reassurance that outcomes and targets are achievable for the young person and incentive-based goals are realised depending on young person’s needs.

Our Accommodation

All our properties are supplied fully furnished at high standard; only in the exception where a young person has his/her own furniture through his/her Leaving Care Grant, will we let out an empty provision. Our properties are also covered under our contents business insurance.

Weekend Respite

We also provide a weekend respite bed which will provide all the services described above but chargeable separately to an emergency bed. Additional staff charge will be per the risk assessment.



Our 7 day Emergency Accommodation provision is the placement of Looked After Children aged 16+ who without the usual planning and/or thorough assessment process taking place need accommodation because of the need to ensure the safety and the welfare of the child immediately.

Short Breaks

Our specialist short breaks offer nurse-led clinical care for babies; children and young people with highly complex, palliative care needs, providing day care for a few hours or a longer period of days/weeks as required. Short break activities can take place at any time during the day, evening, overnight or at the weekend and can be in the person’s home, at a residential home or in the community.
You decide where, when and how you want our support. By involving each person and their family or carer in the planning of their support, we make sure that they have full choice and control over the services that they receive and that we are assisting them to achieve their goals.

We identify staff who share an individual’s interests and who will provide support on a regular and planned basis. Our experienced staff have supported people to take part in a wide range of activities including swimming, bowling, music lessons, and outdoor pursuits. Short breaks can last from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the needs of the individual and their family or carer. Our service can support people to:

Supported Living

We are Providers of individually tailored support packages for adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental and physical health needs. Our experience with people with behaviour that challenges and complex needs means we know that people can be supported to live in their own home. Everyone has different needs so the amount of support we offer varies – some people have 24 hour support, while others may need only a few hours a day. We may provide the support in a property owned by others, or act as the landlord.
Within supported living schemes we provide a highly personalised service, with each individual’s service based on their views, needs and preferences. We support people to manage their tenancies, access the community and develop independent living skills.